In The Land Of a Consumed Snow~

Shy. Paranoid. 17. Italian girl.

" I have fears but I thought they were pretty run-of-the-mill: pain, death."
"Not me. I fear life."
(The Art of Getting By)

"So this is my life.
And I want you to know that I am both happy and sad and I'm still trying to figure out how that could be. "
(The Perks of Being a Wallflower)

Introducing me.

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Something is happened….

Something is happened….

We all change when you think about it, we’re all different people, all through our lives, and that’s okay. That’s good! You gotta keep moving, so long as you remember all the people that you used to be. - Eleventh Doctor

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Frozen - Anna & Elsa - Latte art


Frozen - Anna & Elsa - Latte art


Darth Vader goes to Disneyland

This made my day.


Craig and Carter..

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